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Anger Management Workbook for Kids

Anger Management Workbook for Kids

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Anger Management Workbook for Children. This workbook is designed to help kids identify and regulate their emotions, find positive outlets for their energy and understand how their actions can affect others.

**It is important to note that anger is a normal and expected emotion. Children should never be shamed for their anger. As their caretaker, it is important for us to guide them on appropriate and healthy channels for this energy.**

With this workbook, you will have the tools and resources to help your child express themselves in a healthy way. Use this as a tool to communicate with the child and further understand how they are processing their anger and emotions.

Included (24 pages) ....
1. PDF file with 24 action-based pages (Print and cut out, Laminate for durability )
2. Feelings scale with solution- action steps
3. Anger journal & anger map
4. Situations that trigger me (2 worksheets)
5. How I respond to anger
6. What is in my control
7. 8 grounding & calming worksheets
8. 12 affirmation cards
9. Feelings wheel
10. Feeling notepad page

This guide may be used digitally, or you can print it.

Please note:

✦ This digital print is for personal use only, and is NOT to be resold, posted, or used commercially without permission.

✦ Final quality depends on the printing device, paper, and ink used. Colors may vary slightly due to monitor color settings and print quality.


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