You will see that in most of our guides and social media, we talk about ways to simplify your life through style, organization, and ideas to increase peace in your life. We created a place for you to quickly find ideas to do just that. These are all things that we personally use in our home and business.

Are you the type of shopper that likes to see things all put together so you don't have to guess what to buy? Well, take a peek inside of Liz's brain at her amazing style and creativity... Promise you will be grateful for the way she sees beauty!



Music is an incredibly powerful tool that we both use to not only calm our body, but to be productive, feel emotions, clear our mind, feel nostalgic, and to bring us it only made sense to create playlists that do all of these things and share it with you!


Kelly's other passion- her hand poured candle business. Check out her "ignite" candle collection- a series of mantras and messages that remind us to find ourselves amidst the craziness of life.

This is Liz's little corner of the internet where she shares all the things she loves from decor, to travel, Jesus, family, and beauty. If you'd like a more in-depth look at her journey, check out *another* creative outlet she's channeled for healing after heartbreak.