About Us

Hey, I'm Kelly!

After years of working on my master's degree in Counseling and then going back to school to become a Behavior Analyst, I was content in working and being a mom of two. But wait...surprise...we became pregnant with twins!! I decided then to pause this career journey.

As a new stay at home mom of four, I spent years feeling exhausted, uninspired, lost – one day I decided to make a change and make purpose out of my journey... normalizing exhaustion, loss of worth, imperfection. I want to do something that re-ignites the passion (even if it's only for a few minutes at a time) that finally feels like mine and gives me purpose alongside motherhood and my marriage. Finding my purpose doesn't distract me from my parenting- in a lot of ways it makes me a better mom and I want to share that. I am ready to be excited to wake up in the morning and connect with you on this real, messy, and beautiful thing called life. We only have one shot at this! Let’s do it in our power.


 Hey! I'm Liz!

In my fourteen years behind the chair as a hairstylist, I have chatted about everything from my favorite beauty products to my quick go to dinner the kids love, my newest home decor, to our next vacation. We also talk about the not-so-fun stuff of life...sickness, divorce, death, addiction, mental illness.

While I absolutely love to talk about all the pretty, physical things (enneagram 4 over here … I love things to look and make me feel a certain way) I have learned….the hard way...that those things mean nothing if your heart and soul are not happy. We just live in an age where it is easier to post a pretty picture with some nice words than admit that our lives could be anything but sparkly and “perfect.” In being vulnerable and sharing my struggles with my divorce these last two years, I have realized that I am far from alone. Most people are just too afraid/ashamed to vocalize it, but they need support. Well, I am not afraid to vocalize my short-comings anymore and want to utilize my God-given talents and spiritual gifts to encourage you to dig deep and use the power that is already inside of you. I'm excited to help you transform your pain into a purpose!


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